13 mai 2013 // Second “Energy cooperation prospects in Poland” Forum

NERGY_PROGRAM_2013In 2012 the Energy Cooperation Prospect in Poland -Forum was organized by the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France in partnership with Petrostrategies/Europ Energies and Indar Energy with the support of the Embassy of Poland in France, National Environmental Council, French Senate, French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Housing and Transport.

The Conference subject was centred on the possibility of developing the energy market in Poland and cooperation in the field of energy. The conference was attended by more than 90 guests and journalist. International foreign representatives of energy companies and institutions have given unique value to the convention. More information on

The Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France and Indar Energy, in cooperation with the French Senate and the Polish Embassy in France, organize for the second time the Energy Cooperation Prospects in Poland forum.

This second forum will give you a unique opportunity to initiate new contacts and business to enhance cooperation with new partners on the Polish energy market, which becomes more and more a key factor on the European energy stage.

The specific objectives of the Forum are:

  • To cover emerging opportunities on the Polish energy sector
  • To identify the current trends in energy production and demand in connection with the emergence of  Polish renewable energies potential
  • To analyse potential impact of Polish shale gas production on European energy prices
  • To discuss future of the Polish coal production and its impact on energy price
  • To develop contacts with main European exchanges and market providers

Who should attend?

The conference will attract an extremely broad representation of professionals from every segment of energy markets, business, policy and research. This convention will be a perfect environment for networking and building business for:

  • Energy Companies Energy-efficient companies
  • Equipment/Component Manufacturers
  • Renewable Power Providers
  • Energy Policy Makers & Regulators
  • Research Development Companies
  • Previous convention has been highly attended by: Presidents, Executive Directors, Experienced Executives, Energy suppliers and buyers, Senior Development Managers and Consultants.

Bonus: All participants will receive a free monthly access to Montel Online!

Montel is a key information provider for the European energy markets. The company provides independent market-moving news backed by its extensive portfolio of real-time prices.

Montel Online covers:

  • Hands-on approach to both European and global developments affecting the energy markets
  • Power and fuel prices from all major European exchanges and brokers
  • Global stock market and foreign exchange indices
  • Fundamental supply and demand data
  • Technical analysis and weather forecasting.

To get the application form please contact the Polish Chamber of Commerce :



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