INMED KARCZEWSCY: specjalista z zakresu urządzeń medycznych i zaopatrzenia medycznego

INMED – Karczewscy was established in 1996 and since then has continuously improved in medical technologies. This resulted in a current strong and dominant position on the market as a company specializing in medical gas pipeline systems and medical equipment: designing, manufacturing, installation, service and assembly trainings.

INMED-Karczewscy offers the complete range of equipment from its own manufactured stock. We produce the following:

  • area valve service units (AVSU’s),
  • area alarm units,
  • terminal units,
  • bed head units,
  • ceiling pendants, ceiling supply systems,
  • operating lamps,
  • medical gas outlets and plugs,
  • flowmeters,
  • shelves, rails, baskets, hangers, pols, rods for medical devices etc.

In 2014 we received the status of approved Cu+ supplier. Cu+ is inherently antimicrobial and shares this benefit with many copper alloys including brass and bronze. Collectively termed ‚antimicrobial copper’ (AMC), this family of metals is used to make touch surfaces such as taps, light switches, grab rails and work tops that will not harbour the pathogens that cause infections, actively killing them 24/7 and in-between regular cleans.

We produced the first in the world bed head unit with antimicrobial copper touch elements, including medical gas outlet points, electrical switches and sockets, IV poles and rods for mounting infusion pumps. We have installed Cu+ products in over 20 hospitals in Poland so far.

The company has entered its 20th year and is proud of its growth and extended reputation. We now supply 90% of Polish market and export to different countries in EU and outside EU.

Quality is our number 1 priority in everything we do from initial designs and manufacture, through to installation and trainings. Our focus is to be a single supplier for all of major medical gas related equipment, installations and services. With one point of contact, the purchasing process is a much more efficient and pleasant. Our innovative engineers and design specialists offer practical advice and our dedicated staff is on hand to answer any questions our customers may have. Our production and storage area of 2,000 m2 and office area of 600 m2 are situated in Krepice, next to Wroclaw, Poland.

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